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Thursday, November 26, 2020
1 May 2019

Tiger roar likely to get louder

The finding of the just concluded tiger census indicates that the number of Royal Bengal Tigers in West Bengal part of Sundarban is set to increase by “at least 10 per cent” compared to last year....

1 May 2019

Salinity quickened Sundari decrease

Sundari, the iconic mangrove species responsible for naming the entire area as Sundarban, is disappearing fast in both Indian and Bangladesh Sundarban mainly due to climatic impacts and range of anthr...

1 May 2019

Crocodile,sun-bathed at shore

After tiger, crocodile must be the most sought after visible treat for tourists crisscrossing Sundarban. The image of crocodile sun-bathing at the edge of rivers, especially during winter, is a must i...