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Bangladesh India Sundarban Region Cooperation Initiative
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Saturday, February 27, 2021
19 July 2019

Ban on fishing

Bangladesh forest department has banned fishing throughout the year in 400 canals spread across Sundarban for conservation of its biodiversity resources. The canals, 25 ft. or less in width and locate...

19 July 2019

Go Green

With support of some local schools, Joygopalpur Grambikash Kendra and few other non profits have taken initiative to inculcate environmental awareness among school students in Indian Sundarban. In the...

19 July 2019

Clamour for hospital

More than a lakh people live around the fringes of Bangladesh Sundarban, out of which a sizeable number enter Sundarban forest from October to February driven by their livelihood need. During the long...

1 May 2019

Save Dolphins

Bangladesh forest department has planned to involve community for dolphin conservation. Dolphin earlier had a thriving population in Bangladesh Sundarban, has been declining for many reasons; particul...

1 May 2019

Ramsar Tag

Indian Sundarban got the prestigious Ramsar listing on Jan 30 in Geneva; a recognition given to wetlands of international importance. Bangladesh Sundarban had received Ramsar status way back in 1992.N...